Obstetrical Care

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Having the proper care and knowledge is essential to a successful term and delivery of your baby. We provide full pregnancy care, from conception through delivery and even longer. Our experienced team can help you every step of the way on this incredible journey. We offer specialized care in family planning, prenatal care and delivery.

High-Risk Pregnancy

While many women are blessed with healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies, some women experience high-risk pregnancies. High-risk pregnancies can have many causes, including previously existing medical conditions, advanced age, lifestyle choices, pregnancy complications or by carrying multiples. We look at each situation through a unique lens to provide you with the healthiest pregnancy possible.  If our providers determine that you qualify as high risk, we will plan out the remaining course of your pregnancy and take the appropriate steps needed to ensure the best possible health and well-being of both mom and baby.  It is our utmost priority to monitor, treat, and address potential issues expectant parents may face during a high-risk pregnancy.

In-Office Ultrasound

Southern Illinois OB-GYN Associates in-office ultrasound technology allows expectant moms to confirm a normal intrauterine pregnancy at the time of their OB visit. The procedure is painless and nonsurgical. Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves and transmits these waves through an expectant mother’s abdomen, which creates a sonogram. Though often used interchangeably with “ultrasound”, a sonogram is actually the image of the baby and placenta created during the ultrasound. Ultrasounds are non-invasive and can be performed at any point during a pregnancy as a diagnostic tool that assists in the detection of abnormalities or defects. Information obtained through a sonogram image can also help determine a baby’s due date and gender. We offer both vaginal and trans-abdominal ultrasound scans. Visit our Ultrasound page for more information.