Take some time for yourself and relax with a massage. You deserve it!


 Our goal is to make our patients feel welcome and comfortable at each visit. We started the massages to give our obstetrical patients some relief and relaxation during pregnancy. We now offer massages to all patients to enjoy. Did you know, SIOBGYN also offers a FREE 30 min. massage for all expecting mothers?

Call our Carbondale (618-529-4711) or Herrin (618-998-8808) office to schedule your appointment today! 

 Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone & Prenatal Massages

Swedish: Primarily for relaxation and comfort.
Deep Tissue: Focuses on deep muscle relaxation. Not recommended for pregnancy.
Hot Stone: Add the relaxing warmth of a hot stone to any massage.
Prenatal: Relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy.
Foot/Hand Massage: A quick rewarding way to relieve stress and tension.

30 minutes – $30
45 minutes – $45
60 minutes – $60
75 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $90

Massage Packages

Indulgence Package – $165
– Includes 3 (60min) sessions of gentle massage to familiarize you with pre & post natal massage.

Exquisite Escape Package – $330
– Includes 6 (60min) sessions of massage that take you through your 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.


(Included with massage)

• Peppermint: A fresh, minty and uplifting scent that helps with nausea, sore muscles, and the digestive system.
• Lemon/Lavender: A mix of relaxation with an energizing scent of citrus. This mixture can help with swelling caused by edema.
• Lemon Compress: Lemon has antiviral properties and can help with varicose veins.
• Lavender/Chamomile: A powerful anti-inflammatory oil which can help decrease blood pressure.
• Peppermint or Spearmint: Used for therapeutic applications, this fresh clean aroma can relieve nasal congestion.
• Frankincense: An earthy aroma with a slight sweet scent that can help reduce stress, balance hormone levels, and boost your immune system.
• Sweet Orange/Lemon: A cheerful uplifting aroma that will leave you smiling.
• Lavender: A beautiful, versatile aroma. Its calming properties make it a wonderful oil to help with relaxation.

We can also add your favorite scent to our lotion or hot towel!